Where to Stay in Rome – The Complete Neighborhood Guide

Where to Stay in Rome – The Complete Neighborhood Guide

When it comes to choosing where to stay in Rome, this can be a difficult choice, especially if it is your first time in the Eternal City. Rome is comprised of 22 districts, but there are a few that you should consider in the center for your trip. With each rione (district), comes a different feel, price point, and accessibility to Rome’s sites. The first place to start is to understand the characteristics of Rome’s districts. Secondly, look at its’ accessibility to the sites that you are most interested in. And thirdly, do the accommodations in that area match your price point? With that, here is our complete guide on the city’s main districts to help you decide where to stay in Rome, Italy.


Centro Storico – This is the city’s historical center, and one of the most popular choices when it comes to staying in Rome. As far as location and accessibility, this district is definitely the most convenient. It is walking distance to most of the sites and nearby neighborhoods, and well connected via the bus. This district is home to major sites like the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Campo de’ Fiori and the Trevi Fountain. Stay here if you are looking to be walking distance to most sites or have just a short amount of time in the city. Though, know that the price point will be higher on both accommodations in this area compared to some of the other districts.


Trastevere – Just across the river lies one of Rome’s trendiest neighborhoods. This rione is known for great shopping, dining out, and its’ bar scene. Do note that due to it being one of the most popular nightlife areas in Rome, it can be a bit noisier during the evening hours. The price point is higher than average due to its recent popularity amongst both trendy locals and visitors alike.

Santa Maria in Trastevere

Tridente and Via Veneto – Considered one of the most upscale neighborhoods in Rome, this is the place to stay if shopping and luxury hotels are your thing. Technically it is considered to be a part of the historical center, though we have separated it due to its unique characteristics. If designer and boutique shopping, being near the Spanish Steps, and the accommodation price point are not an issue, this may be your ideal district while staying in Rome.

Spanish Steps Rome

Monti – Located just above the Colosseum, this is the perfect neighborhood for those looking to explore Rome’s ancient history. Monti is Rome’s oldest district but still is full of boutique shopping, local restaurants, and great bars. This is a great place, still technically in the historical center, that is full of local eateries, a hip bar scene, independent shops, and is conveniently walking distance some of Rome’s monumental historical sites.


Termini and Esquilino – This district is both inexpensive and convenient for travelers coming and going from the city due to its’ proximity to Termini Station. However, with that, the district is not as picturesque as some of the center’s other neighborhoods. Located on the east side of the city, it is not as convenient for those looking to walk to some of the major sites or looking to go out for the night.

Rome Termini station


Vatican City and Prati – As one of the main attractions in Rome, the area directly surrounding Vatican City, known as Borgo, is quite touristy. However, Prati, the neighborhood to the east is a great option for those looking for something local. Prati is very well connected with the metro and bus routes and is also just across the river from the historical center. It is also easily walkable to the Vatican and Piazza del Popolo. Stay here if your main interest is the Vatican, or you plan on arriving early to a Papal Audience. Hotels and accommodations are also a bit more affordable in this district.