Where to Eat and Drink near the Vatican in Rome

Where to Eat and Drink near the Vatican in Rome

Like many of Rome’s visitors, you are most likely planning to visit the Vatican during your time in the Eternal City. After touring the grounds of the Vatican Museum, you’ll have definitely worked up an appetite. For a taste of local, Roman fare, here are some of our favorite restaurants and cafes near the Vatican.


Sciascia Caffè, Via Massimo, 80/A – One of the city’s best places to indulge in amazingly smooth, Italian espresso for a quick pick-me-up after visiting the Vatican. If you are visiting during the colder months, their hot chocolate is a must-try.espresso near the vatican

L’Insalata Ricca, Piazza del Risorgimento, 5-6 – This sit down restaurant is a great spot for any group looking for a little bit of everything. Serving up fresh options for pizza, pasta, and even salads.

where to eat near the Vatican

Fa-Bìo, Via Germanico, 43 – Have more sightseeing to do, or looking for a lighter lunch option this is an amazing place for a quick lunch. Options include everything from fresh and seasonal salads, sandwiches, wraps, and snacks.

where to eat near the Vatican

Pizzarium di Gabriele Bonci, Via della Meroria, 43 – Arguably the best pizza al taglio (pizza by the cut) in all of Rome is conveniently located in the vicinity of the Vatican. Pizza al taglio is a typical Roman style of pizza that is baked in large sheets and cut to your choosing of size. It’s a great way to choose from a wide selection of flavors, and taste a little bit of everything. Step inside this small pizzeria, and absorb the aroma of freshly baked pizza dough. Choose from their selection of innovative flavors, and then await the moment you can bite into your perfectly crafted pizza. Don’t be deterred by the long lines, Pizzarium has gained quite a reputation, but it’s truly worth the wait.

best pizza near the Vatican

La Zanzara, Via Crescenzio, 84 – If you are ending your time at the Vatican around aperitivo (typically 7 to 9 PM) then head over to this trendy, local bar and restaurant for their great selection of Italian wine, beer and cocktails, as well as an amazing menu of fresh, seasonal plates.

where to drink near the Vatican

Pompi, Via Cola di Rienzo, 313 – If you are looking for something sweet, this cafe serves up some incredible assortments of tiramisu, everything from traditional to seasonal flavors like chocolate, berry and pistachio.

best tiramisu near the Vatican

Lemongrass Gelato, Via Ottaviano, 29 – Don’t be fooled by the vibrantly colored and overly fluffy displays of gelato near the Vatican, they are most likely fake. For a true taste of authentic, Italian gelato, head to one of our favorites, Lemongrass Gelato, just a few blocks away.

best gelato near the Vatican