Group Vatican & Sistine Chapel Tour

See the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican’s extraordinary art collection in the Vatican Museums

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Adult: 45€
Student: 40€
Under the age of 26, in possession of a valid Student ID
Child: 35€
From the age of 6 - 17, with a valid ID that demonstrates their age
Children under the age of 6 are FREE

Tour Description

Group Vatican Tour

For those who want to see the Sistine Chapel and the highlights of the Vatican’s extraordinary art collection in the Vatican Museums.

VIP Access 

No unnecessary waiting around! Time is important, especially when you are on vacation, so we always use fast track tickets to ensure you get inside as soon as possible.

The Vatican Museums

Originally designed as the Private collection of the Popes, The Vatican Museums only opened their doors to the public in 1929. Over the years its popularity has grown exponentially and, today, it is the second most visited museum in Europe, after the Louvre in Paris. Boasting over 4 miles of Art, and a whopping 20,000 works on display, the Vatican Museums make up an impressive assemblage. Founded in 1506 by Pope Julius II, the museums have been continuously modified, expanded on and updated over the centuries to become what they are today. Discover why art was so important to the church, how they started accumulating ancient works and artefacts, and how these pieces would go on to influence the Renaissance artists that followed. Find out which Popes embraced the past, by celebrating the art, and which ones tried to censor it. Wander through its labyrinth of rooms, past quadrangles, and galleries as your guide shows you all the must-see pieces while explaining the fascinating history behind them. 

The Sistine Chapel 

Named after Pope Sixtus IV, the Sistine Chapel is one of the main reasons people visit the Vatican. Located within the Apostolic Palace this impressive sanctuary boasts works by master painters like Perugino, Pinturicchio, Ghirlandaio, Rosselli, Botticelli, Signorelli, della Gatta and, of course, Michelangelo.   


Unarguably one the most famous artworks in world, the Sistine Chapel ceiling stands 70 feet above ground level. Painted by Michelangelo Buonarroti between 1508 and 1512, the vault is an incredible feat of determination, will and artistic ability. As the artist was unfamiliar with the techniques of frescoing, learn how he was forced to hire, then fire, a team of Florentine painters, before eventually going at it alone. Dealing with all kinds of complications, from issues with perspective, to problems with mold and the Pope’s unwavering impatience, he endured it all to create what many consider the crowning work of his career. 

Alter wall

Returning to the space 24 years later, Michelangelo would strike gold again, this time in his sixties, with his rendition of “the Last Judgement”, which fills the alter wall. An Allegory of the “Day of the Lord”, depicting heaven, hell, saints, demons, tormented souls and the central figure of Christ, orchestrating the entire event. Find out why this piece was considered controversial and how to recognize the different figures within the work, based on how they are dressed or what they are holding. 



  • Pinecone Courtyard
  • Octagonal Courtyard
  • Gallery of the Muses
  • Round Room
  • Greek Cross Room
  • Gallery of Tapestries
  • Gallery of Maps
  • Gallery of the Candelabra
  • Sistine Chapel
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What's Included

  • Guided tour of the Vatican Museums & the Sistine Chapel
  • Skip-the-line admission and entrance to the Vatican Museums
  • Live tour commentary via audio headset
  • Visit to the Sistine Chapel – Michelangelo’s masterpiece
  • Headsets to listen to the guide even at a distance (from 6 pax)


  • Guided tour of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel
  • Skip-the-line admission and entrance to the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Live tour commentary via audio headset
  • Official licensed guides

Available Languages

  • English
  • Italian
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Private tour option available in English, Spanish, German, French and Russian. For more Information or/ and inquiries please contact us at info@mayatoursroma.com 


"Vatican tour"

Eugene thank u very much for magnificent tour at the Vatican. We a good time and we have learned a lot. Good luck. C u in Israel 🇮🇱

heyoya33, June 2018

"Vatican tours"

Totally worth the price, we didn’t have to wait hours long in the line to get in to Vatican Museum or St. Peter’s Basilica. The tour guide was also very nice, speaks very well and had a good sense of humor.

bukibence947, June 2018

"Deborah is the best guide"

We had already bought our tickets but ee decided to complement our tour. We’ve got lucky because we were a very small group and although it was a very busy das, with a lot of people, Deborah, our tour guide, managed to keep us entertained ali the time. She told us everything there is to know abolir the museum in a very light, funny way. Everybody loved her! It was amazing and it worthed every single euro we’ve spent.

larissac458, June 2018

"Alma was a great guide to the Vatican"

The Vatican can be overwhelming given all the things to see and the crowds. Alma was concise yet informative and made sure we saw and understood the really important things. She was also a master at navigating the throngs of people. Bravo!

Stephen P, June 2018


My tour guide was Deborah and she gave me more information than any tour I’d ever been on before while still keeping everybody together and moving. She made the tour incredibly interesting and entertaining 🙂

Sasha M, June 2018

"A wonderful tour guide for the Vatican"

We greatly enjoyed the expert tour guidance of Eugene Hertoghe. Hertoghe was an expert in his knowledge of the art, history and sociology surrounding the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. In adfition, he was very friendly and courteous. We had a great time and highly recommend the company and Mr. Hertoghe!

Aravind S, June 2018

"Vatican and Sistine Chapel tour"

We really enjoyed the tour of the Vatican with Alma Ndoi. She is very knowledgeable and even helped us find a great place to eat lunch after and walked us to the restaurant. I highly recommend the tour.

lisarosee3, June 2018

"A good guide makes the difference"

EUGENE was our tour guide from Maya tours and explained all the important aspects. Very well run tour. Even our kids enjoyed his commentary.

ajsj2016, June 2018

"Amazing Tour...a must when visiting Rome!"

I highly recommend this tour! Right from the beginning, Luciano was so helpful setting up our tour and answering all the questions we had. Our tour guide was Debora and she was amazing. She was extremely knowledgeable and made the tour so interesting for everyone. I’ve already recommended the tour to other travellers I met in Rome. A must when visiting this magnificent city!

tjjc, June 2018

"Deborah was fantastic!"

My parents and I had a great time learning and enjoying so many things in the tour. The sights themselves of course were amazing, but having Deborah as our tour guide was what made the experience extremely enjoyable and captivating! She is very knowledgeable and passionate for art and her job. The way she explained things to the group made it easy for us to follow and understand information we were not familiar with. Even though my parents sometimes find it hard to understand tours given in English, they could keep up with Deborah’s tour and were very intrigued by her lively and interactive style. Thanks to Deborah we now have some incredible memories from Rome to cherish, and I am really grateful for that!

Konstantinos F, June 2018

"Very nice and informative tour"

Great tour and great service, we all kove the tour, experience was wonderfull with fully guided tour, we didnt wait in the line and we have experienced whole vatican city with bunch of information.

Shah Zamir U, June 2018

"Alma was wonderful!"

We were met at the edge of the square by an information agent who told us where to line up for what. When we said we didn’t have tickets yet, he suggested Maya tours. We started on time, with a group of approximately 30 people. While we were able to skip the line for tickets, there was still a line to go through security/metal detectors. Our guide Alma was beautiful, fluent in multiple languages, and very knowledgeable! She made information accessible and funny (when appropriate), did a great job to keeping everyone together and answering questions. We saw the Vatican museums, stopped in the gardens for a short art history of the Sistine Chapel before spending 15 minutes in silence I’m the grand room. The tour ended at the mouth of the Basilica, to which the entrance was included in our fee but we were left to explore it without our lovely guide, and we chose to climb to the top for an additional fee. We’re generally people who like to explore on our own, but Alma’s knowledge of the history and ability to navigate a complicated complex was invaluable. I would highly recommend this tour!

Michelle M, June 2018

"Enjoyable and informative tour of Vatican Museums"

We took the skip the line tour of Vatican Museums. The group was reasonable size of 15 persons. The guide Alessandra was very pleasant, well informed, well organised and kept a good pace. She shared knowledge and insights, and answered queries appropriately. We did the tour in about 2.5 to 3 hours without getting exhausted. Adequate time was given in Sistine Chappel which is certainly a high point. I would say it was good value for money.

shaheye, June 2018

"Worth every penny"

My husband and I were sold this tour by Maureen, while we were wandering around St Peter’s Square. She was informative and not pushy at all. She gave us a great deal (as it was close to the last tour of the day) and she walked us to the tour office to make sure we knew where we were going. Thanks Maureen! Our guide Roberto knew his stuff. He engaged each of us individually, which personalized the tour a bit, instead of just listening to a guide spouting info. The skip the line part of the deal was amazing. We entered St Peters from a group only entrance from the Sistine Chapel. The only thing I would change would be to spend more time in the Sistine Chapel. (Which we could have done by leaving the tour early and making our own way to St Peters).

LinsCB, June 2018

"Magnificent Vatican"

Oure guide Eugene Hertoghe, a very pleasure gentleman give lots off information on a very nice way off talking. He Has humor and a very nice voice. It was a magnific tour.

mirandaschellaars, June 2018

"Saved the Day!"

Because of my own inexperience, our family ended up being in the wrong location and would have ended up missing the self guided tour that I had booked weeks before our trip. Maggy (?) saved the day by swooping us into the office and essentially upgrading our package at a discount to add the skip the line and to have a guide help us with the process. Alessandra was fantastic and patient. She was very good at keeping our group together and quite assertive, when she needed to be, to keep our group ahead of the crowds. Her knowledge was outstanding, and she quite happily answered any questions that we had. Now, of course, in a two hour tour we could not see every aspect of the museums, but the details in the artwork that she was able to present to us were fantastic. I’m so happy that Maya tours was there rescue us!!

igli8, June 2018

"The Vatican"

Don’t be confused by the “skip the line” benefits. The tour companies have no control over the amount of scheduled groups going in, therefore, you may have a bit of a wait. That being said, if you want to learn more than you knew going in, it’s a good idea, and you’ll make some new friends. Our guide was Alma. She was super knowledgeable and very patient dealing with the crowds and keeping her group together. It was a fun time and we learned some things we didn’t know!

HopeandMike, June 2018

"Vatican tour"

Sabbir the tour manager was the best. He was very informative, professional and friendly. He needs a raise. It was because of him we choose Maya tours for our tour.

dave5582, June 2018

"Pay up and reduce the pain!"

We had decided as a bare minimum we needed skip the line tickets, having seen the queues when arriving in Rome. Luckily we were staying near the Maya Office, and met the charming and humorous Franco, who had been both a police officer and an accredited guide. He explained the options, and made sense to upgrade to a small group tour, with a guide to weave us through the many complexities of completing a trip through the Vatican Museum, the Cistine Chapel and the Basilica. We were indeed fortunate to be allocated Alexandra, a PhD in Fine Arts with a wealth of knowledge and experience and above all, a good sense of humour. She whisked us through, explaining the highlights, and expertly fielding our many questions. What would have been a long hard day, mostly standing in line, was transformed to an informative and pleasant experience. The Vatican is an anochronistic marvel, full of treasures, and it must be visited – at least once, and always with the assistance of a guide like Alexandra.

Paul A, June 2018

"vatican tour"

the vatican tour was a great experience..Alexandra is a perfect tour guide..very friendly and informative..the tour wouldn’t have been the same without her assistance💪💪💪

Thomas K, June 2018

"Worth your money"

My husband and I didn’t think we needed a guided tour, however upon arrival we realised the Q will take extremely long (1.5 hours). We purchased the tickets in the spur of the moment, just in time for the tour with Tilana. She was a very good guide. The tour picks out the best areas to view. It can be very overwhelming and time consuming if you had to view all the rooms (1400). Had I not been on the tour I would not have known what to skip or where to go nor the meaning of all the things. Will definitely recommend spending extra money on a tour, as you skip the lines, visit the most necessary spots only and receive very interesting information along the way

acarinus, June 2018

"Great visit with Deborah"

We had an fun and informative afternoon with our wonderful guide Deborah. It was very apparent that she was very knowledgeable and passionate about the Vatican. She also has a great sense of humour and kept us all very entertained. The tour is pricey but worth it!

Neeverspain, June 2018

"Great tour of the Vatican with Deborah"

Deborah was an amazing tour guide and kept us interested the whole two hours! Not only did we get to skip the huge Vatican line we also got to skip the line to St. Peter’s Church (which was at least 2 hours in the sun). I had gone to the Vatican the day before with my friend and did not book a tour and it was a completely different experience. The museum is 9 miles long and you have no clue what you are looking at without a tour guide. I went the next day with my brother who had just flown into Rome and our tour with Deborah let me have a completely different experience and really appreciate the Vatican. The tour was very reasonably priced (50 euros but 20 euros covers the entry fee so really only 30 euros to skip 2 lines and get a 2 hour tour). I 100% recommend booking a tour guide and I 10000% recommend Deborah she was so knowledgeable and knew exactly where to take us and how to push through the crowds!!

isabellabhole, May 2018

"Fantastic experience - Best way to visit the Vatican Museum"

Not only was this 2-hour tour a better bet than waiting in a 2-3 hour line just to get tickets, but our guide, Eugene Hertoghe, was informative and entertaining. After a wonderful tour through the Vatican Museum, he led us directly to Saint Peter’s Basilica and we didn’t have to wait in any additional lines. Highly recommend


"Excellent Guided Tour"

I was trying to buy the tickets online, but I thought I would get a ticket when I visit the Vatican City. And, Guess! What I saw!! There is a Huge Queue where peoples are roaming there to sell tickets. They seem to look like a fraud. I am not interested in buying anything from them. Suddenly a man came to me, a salesman named SHOUKHIN. He first said, do I have any reservation. I said no, and I am not interested in talking to you. But he was trying to understand me to purchase a guided tour. I don’t prefer any guided tour, but somehow he convinced me and took me to the office of MAYA TOURS. I bought the 57 euro valued ticket. I thanked the salesman and said how did he make me buy such valued guided tour. He smiled and showed me a group which was going to take a trip. The name of the Guide named DEBORA to bring to the Vatican tour. A fantastic tour of life!! I felt like I knew the story of The Holy Vatican Museum & the Sistine Capple! The precious journey of my whole life. I enjoyed the service by spending a very small amount! I would like to recommend MAYA TOURS highly. Best experience ever!!

Mark H

"Vatican Tour with Abi Ghanem"

Did the Vatican tour with Abi Ghanem of Maya Tours. The tour guide Abi Ghanem was very informative, funny and knew a lot about the Vatican museums, explaining the meaning of various paintings within the Sistine Chapel. This is no mean feat to keep my children’s attention (aged 7 & 9) and the guide was very patient in answering their questions. If you have young children and you would like to visit the Vatican as a family then I highly recommend going with Abi Ghanem of Maya Tours.



Went on a tour through the vatican by elma she was amazing i learnt so much about the place the culture the history she made it fun and enjoyable it wasnt like listening to a broken record thankyou so much elma.
P.s if you ever want to go out for a drink feel free to contact me lol.

James N


We were very sceptical when it came to tour guides as my significant other doesn’t speak the language well. We finally opted for an English one, because it meant we’d visit both the church and the museums in one day, without lines. It was the best decision we made!!! Our tour guide was a “20 my.o. man with white hair” to quote his words. He was extremely humorous and energetic and added a very nice atmosphere to the whole group. He tried very hard to learn our names and where we’re from. Developed jokes with pretty much everyone and when he spoke I felt like he was telling me a bed time story! I cannot say much about the mayatours in General, but I can definitely recommend this young gentlemen as a wonderful guide to spice up your visit!

Диана Т

"A Memorable Experience with Eugene Hertoghe:Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel"

As my daughter and I made our way towards the Vatican, we luckily bumped into a very nice lady who suggested joining a guided Skip the Line English speaking tour of the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel with Maya tours. We were shocked to see the long queues so we decided to take the offer. She directed us towards the office which wasn’t far and we paid €40 for each ticket.
It was 10.45 (Monday 7th May 2018) and the tour was going to start at 11.15, so we waited near the office. We were soon joined by other tourists that had booked for this guided tour. Our guide was Eugene Hertoghe and we were about 25 in the group.
Eugene was superb. He made sure to get to know all the members of the group. His level of detail, passion and knowledge about the history of the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel was terrific. He pointed out the important pieces of arts and involved all the group by asking us questions, so kept every one alert.
I had visited the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel before but I’ve never had such a wonderful experience as this time round. Thanks Eugene for such a memorable experience and thank you for remembering to point out the map of Malta at the Gallery of Maps.I will definately recommend Maya tours to my friends. It was really worth it.

Rose B, Maggio 2018

"Guided tour in Vatican, Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter Basilica"

We had a very, very interesting guide today in Vatican City! Alessandra, our guide, was more than happy to answer all our questions, was very knowledgeable and very, very sweet and amusable!!!! We absolutely loved her!!!! Tomorrow we will have the guided tour of Colosseum!!!

"Great Tour"

After resisting all the people badgering us on the plaza for a tour, we gave in and decided to give it a try.

Our tour guide Eugene Hertoche Was excellent and very informative. He catered the information to the group very fluidly and made the tour a great educational experience.

mdjonesaia Marietta, Georgia

"Great experience with Debora"

Highly experienced and fun to tour the Vatican with! Visiting this huge art collection of art must be done with her and walking out from there with a smile is guaranteed 🙂

Martin K

"Great tour experience thanks to Iris!!"

My family of 5 visited Rome this month, March 2018. We were harassed so much when visiting the Colosseum by various tour companies, we were very nervous about which tour company to secure for ANY tour. We met Iris with MayaTours Rome in our travels around town and after general conversation, she shared her company with us and we got a very good tour.



Best guided tour we have had in a long time, our guide Deborah really brought the history to life, she was very clear, funny, friendly and knowledgeable.
We had found it hard to know what and who to believe as everyone seems to want to sell you something but this is legitimate. We were asking another staff member in St. Peter’s square for directions and got talking about our tickets, she explained the upgrade option and actually walked us to the tourist office to help us upgrade our tickets. We were so glad we did, it made it a highlight of our trip!

Ruth C

"To maximise the experience, get a guide."

Led by Debra, she amused us, informed us, didn’t lose any of us, and made the visit so much more memorable for us. Definitely worth paying the extra for a guide – ours was brilliant!

Alastair N

"Great tour"

Our tour at the Vatican Museums was great the very beginning.The check in was very easy and efficient. Our tour guide Tiana was amazing. She stopped at the right times and explained the story and pointed out the details. Perfect for children. I would definitely take another tour thanks to our tour guide Tiana!

DDDCayman, Ago 2017

"Deborah was a great guide"

We took the tour and cut the lines. Deborah was a wealth of knowledge who guided us around to see all.

Bryce C, april 2017

"Vatican city Skip the line"

Hi. We don’t often use Tour Guides but found this the best way to visit the Vatican, to see all that mattered without queueing in the sun for hours or standing for long periods of time. Jason was our tour guide, very quick on his feet, an American who delivered our English speaking tour very clearly and with humour thrown in. We thought Jason was great, his hi tech radio headsets were also fab. Skip the line with tour guide was extremely helpful and worthwhile

Linda m, may 2017

"Guided tour by Roberto: Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel"

On our way to the museum we met with Hussein who took us to the offices and gave us an offer that we haven’t regret for a second, and all with a smile.We had our tickets in advance so we each paid extra 35€ for the tour and for the extra guided tour and for skipping the line to sain peter’s basilica. The tour started right on time and our tour guide Roberto was simply GREAT. As a person who hates guided tour… I surprisingly enjoyed every second of it… Roberto was VERY informative aץnd funny

GadiaNasser, april 2017

"A brilliant tour guide"

Although paying for a guided tour seems a lot of money it is well worth every penny if you get a good tour guide. Ours was brilliant. You can pay by credit card which not many operators do. There were many touts trying to sell tours but we resisted and so pleased we did. The tour set off in good time and the group was not too big ensuring we could all see MARCO (our guide). He was so knowledgeable, enthusiastic and proud of his heritage it was difficult not to be drawn in. He gave us a great insight into the Vatican City its history. He told us so much about Michaelangelo, his life, work, paintings and sculptures. Incredible. He enthused with his knowledge and stimulated us to such an extent that on returning home we researched further into this fantastic history. Choose Maya Tours for your guide around the Vatican City and Sistine Chapel, it is well worth

YorkshireBeliever, may 2017

"Amazing time"

Thank you Tiana for such a wonderful tour and experience. You did an amazing job showing us through Vatican City as well as St Peters Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. What an awesome tour. You did great. Thank you, Anthony and Alanna

Abatch99, July 2017

"Great visit"

Visiting the Vatican museum and the Sistine chapel with maya tours was a great experience. With his great sens of humor and his perfect knowledge of the vatican and its history our talented guide Jad made this visit a very informative and entertaining experience

Cecileji, Ago 2017

"Roberto and the Vatican Tour"

There were so many Vatican tours from which to choose and we went with the Maya tour and it was an excellent choice. Our guide Roberto was impressively knowledgeable, friendly and able to answer any questions we asked. I can’t imagine walking through the museums and cathedral without the explanations and references offered by our guide. It’s also true that the tours offer a “skip the line” advantage. The non-tour entry lines were blocks long with a 3-hour wait.

Chitowntraveler016, Sep 2017

"Vatican City Tour"

Our guide was Roberto who gave an excellent tour of the whole Vatican city museum covering Sistine Chappelle and others.

Ahmed A, Oct 2017

"Sistine chapel"

Our tour guide of the Vatican museum, Sistine chapel & St. Peter’s was Roberto. He was fantastic, he knew all the history and facts. He took time to answer all of our questions. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a English speaking guide.

Josep A, Oct 2017

"Amazing tour by Gabriel!"

Great value for money! Gabriel was such a good tour guide! He also gave us some tips for places to go and restaurants.

Emilia K, Oct 2017

"Wonderful tour of Sistine Chapel (Skip the line)"

I’m always hesitant to book tours such as this as they can vary widely, mainly based on the guide. We were VERY lucky to get Eugene Hertoghe as our guide. He was friendly, funny, passionate and knowledgeable. He made a point of connecting with each person in the group and enhanced our knowledge of what we were seeing throughout the tour.

TylerSore, Nov 2017

"Vatican tour"

We had Tiana as our guide and she was truly excellent. Her story telling was enchanting and made all the information so interesting. We learnt so much from her. She was extremely knowledgeable and very engaging, her face lit up as she explained various pieces to us, she was very funny too. It made it all come alive for us. I would highly recommend her.

Laura F, Nov 2017

"Great Guide, Michelangelo and Much More"

We arrived on Thursday and left on Monday so we had three days in which to see as much as we could. Unfortunately for us the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel were closed on Friday and Sunday so that left Saturday. We arrived by chance outside the offices of Maya Tours at 9.55 am and, after agreeing to pay 110 euros for a skip the line trip with a guide, we joined an English speaking group of around twenty people and were on our way round by 10.00 am. The guide Sevario was outstanding. He not only knew his art history but he kept all the people in our group interested and laughing. He was thoroughly entertaining and we were able to see everything at a pace that suited us. Considering it was packed that was quite some feat. It took a couple of hours but at the end we thought we had got a bargain. the Sistine Chapel, the Map Room and much of the other things to see are at above head height so even the crowds did not matter that much. I would recommend this tour unreservedly. Not only do you avoid the queue, you get loads of information wrapped in a sense of humour.

James C Loches, Francia, Dec 2017

"Hardly recommended."

Company’s staff was very friendly and helpful, the guiding tour was wonderfull, enjoyed with our guide Gabriel Lombo who gave the group a fantastical approaching in vaticans history, monuments and knew how describe with an incredible richness of details the meanings and reasons of vaticans collections history and places. We went to the dome of st pts basilic, and been to the catacombs of many personalities of catholic church.

I strongly recommend the guiding tour and will obviously do it againg when i go back to rome.

Vinicius B, Dec 2017

"Alessandra is a fantastic guide!"

My friends and I had an excellent time touring St Peter’s, the Sistine Chapel, and several of the museums in Vatican City. She was extremely knowledgeable and fun to hang out with. You should definitely request her by name!

Cheesehead574, Jan 2018