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Vatican and Rome walking tour combined package

This tour option is designed for those with limited time, covering almost 3,000 years of history and Rome's main attractions in one convenient package. As with all our tours, fast-track tickets to all the sites are included.

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Guided tours
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4 (estimated) hours
This tour route is NOT barrier-free


Adult: 60€
Student: 57€
Students at the age of 18 - 25, with a valid student ID
Child: 50€
From the age of 6 - 17, with a valid ID that proves their age.
Children under the age of 6 enter the Vatican for FREE

Tour Description

Vatican and Rome at Sunset combined package

This tour option is designed for those with limited time, covering almost 3,000 years of history and two cities in one convenient package. As with all our tours, fast-track tickets to all the sites are included.

Part 1

The first part of your adventure begins in the morning and focuses on the highlights of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel with quick access to St. Peter’s Basilica.

The Vatican Museums

Housing one of the largest and most impressive art collections in the world, the Vatican Museums are comprised of 1,200 rooms, 54 galleries and 7 kilometers of art. You will be navigated through this vast network of courtyards, galleries and rooms, stopping off at some of the most important art works along the way. You will see the pieces that inspired Michelangelo, influenced Raphael and helped to propel the Italian Renaissance.

The Sistine Chapel

The jewel of the Vatican is, of course, the Sistine Chapel and no visit would be complete without it. You will receive an in-depth and well-rounded explanation of this remarkable space. Explore every aspect of this sanctuary, from the sidewalls, to the altar wall and finally the vault, as you uncover the sequence of the frescoed panels and symbolism behind every figure. Hear about the techniques Michelangelo employed, as well as the struggles and obstacles he had to overcome to create the most famous ceiling in the world.

St. Peter’s Basilica

Once your excursion is over, you will be escorted through a priority passageway to the Basilica of St. Peter’s, where you will be free to explore the awe-inspiring landmark at your own leisure.


Once this segment of the tour is done, you will have a bit of time by yourselves to relax. Absorb what you have seen, take some photos, and maybe grab a bite to eat before making your way over to the City Center. (Please be aware that the transportation are not included in this package).

Part 2

Rome at Sunset                             

Your tour will continue with a fun walking tour of Rome, that covers the city’s highlights and is great for those who want to visit the must-see sites and learn some history! 

Campo De’ Fiori 

Meet your tour guide in the City Center, at our office at Campo de’ Fiori and start the tour with a delicious, homemade Tiramisù, accompanied by a hot shot of typical Roman Coffee (Espresso) . Campo de’ Fiori was once a field of flowers and a very popular part of Rome, frequented by the most influential historical figures. Its popularity drew new businesses to the area, opening workshops, inns and taverns making this neighbourhood one of the most prosperous of the city.

Piazza Navona

The next stop on the tour is the picturesque Piazza Navona, built over the ancient Circus Aronalis, or “Stadium of Domitian”. In the 15th century the former stadium was covered over, although it maintained its racetrack shape and became Rome’s central market place. Today it’s one of the city’s liveliest squares and frequently hosts local artists and street performers. Find out how they used to flood the square in the summer months to create an artificial lake, hear the story behind one of art world’s greatest rivalries and discover whose ghost still lingers there. 

The Pantheon 

This was Michelangelo’s favorite Roman building, as well as Raphael’s. In fact, the latter loved the building so much it is also his resting place. The word “Pantheon” takes its name from the Greek “Pan” meaning “all” and “theion” meaning “gods” and was the first temple in Rome dedicated to “all the Gods”. It has been rebuilt a few times over the years, but its current construction is the work of the great Emperor Hadrian. The structure is divided into two separate parts, the portico and the rotunda, which were masterfully formulated to look like one.  Marvel at its dimensions, find out what its inscriptions mean, and look up at is ceiling, a mathematical triumph that inspired Brunelleschi to create his dome for the church of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. You’ll get to learn how the pantheon was built, why it’s so well preserved and who else is buried within its impressive walls. 

Fontana di Trevi

This is undeniably one of the most famous fountains in world, and one of the few in Rome not designed by Bernini. The Trevi Fountain was created by Nicola Salvi between 1732 and 1751. Unfortunately, he died before its completion and the work was entrusted to four other artists before it was finally inaugurated in 1762. Immortalised in movies like Roman Holiday, Three Coins in a Fountain and La Dolce Vita, it is something you must see in person to truly apricate. Its beauty, the sheer size of it and the way the water sounds as you approach are things that just can’t be replicated, even on the big screen. Discover the interesting history surrounding the fountain, where its name comes from, who died during its construction, and the correct way to throw your coins in. 

Piazza di Spagna 

The last stop on your tour is the Piazza di Spagna or the square of Spain, considered one of the most beautiful piazzas in Rome. Housing Rome’s fashion district and littered with high end designer stores and boutiques, the square is a must see for any aspiring fashionista. Its charm has drawn visitors for years and the location was once a literary hub as well, attracting a slew of international writers and poets who made it their home. Today, all that remains of this era are a few plaques marking where they lived, the Keats and Shelly memorial house and their old haunt, Antique Café Greco, the second oldest café in Italy. You’ll learn all about the world-famous Spanish Steps, who designed them, why they were built and what they are used for today. View the Column of the Immaculate Conception and fill up your water bottles at a fountain designed by Bernini and his dad, before moving on to the following site.



  • Vatican Museums
  • Sistine Chapel
  • Privileged entrance to St. Peter's Basilica
  • Homemade Tiramisu & typical Roman Espresso
  • Campo de Fiori
  • Navona square
  • Pantheon
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Spanish Steps
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What's Included

  • Guided tour of the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel with skip- the - line access to St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Skip-the-line admission and entrance to the Vatican Museums
  • Live tour commentary
  • Homemade Tiramisù & Coffee
  • Guided tour through Rome’s historical center
  • Expert Guide and Information of all the main Sights


  • Guided tour of the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel with skip- the - line access to St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Skip-the-line admission and entrance to the Vatican
  • Expert guides with insider knowledge to lead you through Rome’s top attractions and the Vatican Museums
  • A chance to stroll Rome at sunset and avoid the daytime crowds
  • Unique experience to witness Rome’s incredible fountains in their lit up, evening glory
  • Knowledgeable guide to lead you through Rome’s most famous monuments
  • Local insights and tips from your friendly guide

Available Languages

  • English
  • Private tour option available in English, Spanish, German, French and Russian. For more Information or/ and inquiries please contact us at 


"Vatican Museum Tour"

We made our way towards the Vatican museum ticket office and luckily bumped into a very nice Spanish guy who suggested this company. Maya tours were absolutely brilliant. Our tour guide was Lebanese and was very knowledgable and funny. He made sure all the 20 people in our tour got the best out of the visit and his explanation of the history behind how the Vatican came to be and Michael Angelo’s Sistine chapel made us appreciate what we were looking at so much more than if we had just bought a ticket. The tour lasted about two and a half hours. Definately recommend this company.

gbugs67, Gen 2017

"Worth every cent for Vatican Tour"

Our family of eight visited the Vatican during late December. The lines were hours long and we decided to join a Maya Tour. It was worth the cost in every way: we skipped the horrific lines and learned a great deal from our guide Deborah. The headsets allowed us to hear Deborah while looking somewhat independently during the tour. The tour group was huge — at least fifty, but Deborah was knowledgable and kept the tour interesting and snappy to young and old alike for several hours. Comments directed at a family accused of being gypsy pickpockets were a shock and the accuracy of the accusations is unknown. You might say this set the tone for theft and taking whatever one pleased as we learned about the history of the Vatican. Watch your pockets, indeed!

smbAlbany_NY, Dec 2017

"Excellent tour of the Collosseum, Palatino and Roman Forum "

We started under a “meteorological bomb” aka lots of rain, but our guide Diego, had so much information and was so full of energy that we stick to it and did not regret it. Booking a tour is 100% worth it as you skipped all the lines, you are given a headphones and can hear the guide perfectly , even if you fall a bit behind or look at other things while listening.
I am 100% convinced that we got much more with being with a guide _ as an historian I usually do the reading myself and/or take the audio guide, but this skipping the line make the extra $ worth.

lefaucheu, May 2017

"Best guided tour that i ever had!"

In a few words, we had the luck to find a guide very passionate about his job. A person with tons of information about cultures, religion, history and arts. His name is Ribal Abighanem. He explained, in detail, every single piece of art or history that we’ve meet along the Vatican tour. It was really a celebration of culture!

Daniel C, May 2017

"Best idea!!"

Thanks to Gabriel our tour guide we had an amazing experience at the Vatican! Was so helpful, kind with a very good English. Thank you Mayan Tours for this opportunity!!

anahí C, Dec 2017