Private tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

This option has been tailored towards those looking for an exclusive tour experience. Covering the best of Ancient Rome and divided up into 3 palatable sections, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum the Palatine Hill.

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Tour Description

Private tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill 

This option has been tailored towards those looking for a more exclusive tour experience. Covering the best of Ancient Rome and divided up into 3 palatable sections, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill, this tour ensures you get the most out of your visit.

The Colosseum 

Your VIP excursion begins with the Colosseum, which is undeniably one of the most impressive structures in the world. Initially called the Flavian Amphitheater, it adopted its current moniker “the Colosseum” from a colossal statue of Nero that once stood near its gigantic travertine walls. Learn how an era of political uncertainty pushed the Emperor Vespasian to think outside the box, and envision an arena, unlike anything the world had seen. Hear how it was conceived, designed and completed in just under a decade, using advances in Roman engineering and a workforce of slaves, brought back after the siege of Jerusalem. Venture back to its grand opening in 80AD, amidst an array of public adoration and applauds, to learn of its relevance through the ages and its silent closure, almost 4 centuries later. Your guide will explain everything, from how the games were organized, to where the exits were and who got the best seats in the house. Find out what life was like for the gladiators, how they trained, where they lived, and how they could win their freedom. 

The Roman Forum

The next segment of your tour takes you deep inside the Roman Forum, once considered the heart of the city. Originally designed as a market place, this rectangular plaza grew organically over time to become the hub of judicial, commercial, religious and political endeavors. Marvel at its edifices, temples and basilicas, while deciphering their inscriptions, as you wander through this forgotten world. Discover the cult of Vesta, look inside the Senate and hear how this open area played host to elaborate banquets and triumphal processions. Learn about the Republic’s most charismatic figure, Gaius Julius Caesar, see the remnants of where he worked, find out how he rose to power and discover the spot where he was cremated. Take in the sights and sounds of Rome, as your personal historian explains how this fascinating area has changed over the years. Find out what it looked like under the reigns of different emperors, the events that lead to its dereliction and how it was eventually excavated. 

The Palatine Hill

The final part of your tour takes you high above the ruins of the forum, to the seat of the Palatine Hill. Believed to be one of the oldest settlements in the city, and undoubtedly its most famous hill, the Palatine is also deeply entwined with Rome’s mythology. It is the site where Romulus and Remus were supposedly found and nurtured by the famous she wolf and the place where Hercules defeated the son of Vulcan, Cucus. Aside from its rich heritage, its strategic location and breathtaking views made it prime real estate during the Republican Era, and home to Rome’s elite. It was also the birthplace of Augustus and the abode of the emperors that preceded him. You’ll see beautiful mosaics, ancient frescos, and the oldest botanical garden in Europe, as well as the site where Caligula finally met his end. Follow your guide as they take you past derelict temples, point out ancient stadiums and bath houses and show you magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding areas. 


  • Colosseum
  • Roman Forum
  • Palatine Hill
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What's Included

  • Privately guided tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill
  • Skip-the-line admission and entrance to the Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill
  • Live tour commentary
  • Private tour


  • Privileged access, without the queues, to the Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill
  • Historical tales of gladiator battles in the ancient Roman amphitheater
  • Panoramic views from Palatine Hill of the Colosseum, Roman Forum & Nero’s Circus Maximus
  • Opportunity to witness the civic buildings that were the epicenter of the ancient Roman Empire
  • Chance to visit the largest archaeological site in Europe, the Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

Available Languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian


"Fantastic private guided tour"

We visited Rome in December for one week and had a brilliant time. We came across Maya tours, met a lovely Spanish girl near the Maya Tours office and we were then introduced to Lumi who was our guide around the Colosseum. We went on a private guided tour – just 7 of us. Lumi was brilliant, she was so knowledgeable with a good sense of humour too! She even made it interesting for our 9 year old daughter! We started at the Roman Forum and then walked to the Colosseum. I would highly recommend this tour, we had a wonderful afternoon.

February 12, 2017,Maureen M Glasgow, United Kingdom