Supplier Terms and Conditions – Maya Tours Roma srl.

MayaToursRoma srl., located in Vicolo del Farinone 27, 00193 Rome, Italy (“MayaToursRoma“) operate as a tour operator/ travel agency.

MayaToursRoma allow other tour operators and activity organisers (“affiliate”(s)) to offer our services to their customers, such services include sightseeing tours, leisure activities, and other tourism attractions.

This agreement (“user agreement”) incorporates the terms and conditions for MayaToursRoma and its affiliate Companies, to provide services to the person (s) (“the User”) intending to purchase or inquiring for any products and/ or services of MayaToursRoma. Both, User and MayaToursRoma are individually referred to as ‘party’ to the agreement while collectively they are referred to as ‘parties’.

These terms and conditions (“Conditions” or “Contract”) govern the relationship between the affiliate and MayaToursRoma only.

Registration of the Supplier

Once the affiliate and MayaToursRoma have come to an agreement, the affiliate is entitled to offer his services through his company or third parties. Once he accepts the terms and conditions by signing this contract, he agrees that he has read, understood, and agrees to be bound to those said conditions.

MayaToursRoma is not responsible for verifying the identity, authenticity, or credentials of the individual, entering into this Contract.


Any information which has been given by MayaToursRoma shall be maintained confidentially by the user and shall not be disclosed, unless it is required by law or to serve the purpose of this agreement and the obligations of both of the parties therein.

Limitation of liability and availability

Some of our tours involve purchasing tickets, reservations and radio headsets through third parties.

We cannot be held responsible for any delays or improper services provided by those parties.

Our tours are generally available. However, circumstances (such as unexpected closure) can change due to unforeseen events which are beyond our control.

When we know of these changes sufficiently in advance, we will notify you, otherwise our tour managers or local representatives will inform you of the changes on the spot. MayaToursRoma has no liability for any act, omission or default by other suppliers or third parties.

We reserve the right to cancel or modify itineraries or bookings where circumstances require.

Specified in our tour description (see portfolio) for most of our products, the affiliate has a “last minute” timeframe. For some of our products it is necessary to prebook days/weeks in advance. Once the request is accepted, the contract between the affiliate, their customers and MayaToursRoma becomes effective and the booking is confirmed.

Intellectual property

Unless otherwise indicated, copyright and contents of our Website, tour maps and leaflets (Flyers) belong to us or our licensors. All rights are reserved.

Responsibility for Content

The affiliate is responsible for the content submitted through his account/ leaflets/ PR, such as for instance the descriptions of services.

The affiliate represents and warrants that all information provided by MayaToursRoma, with regard to their offer and tour packages shall at all times be true, accurate, and not misleading. The affiliate shall update the uploaded information as timely as required

to guarantee accuracy to the information provided.

Cancellation policy

Unless agreed otherwise between the Parties, the supplier is aware and consents that customers are entitled to cancel their booking free of charge, up to 72 (seventy-two) hours before the booked date of service. There will be no payment received by MayaToursRoma (100% refund). If customers cancel the booked Services within 48 (forty-eight) hours, half of the paid amount will be refunded (50%). Less than 48 (forty-eight) hours before the date of service or within any other term agreed on in advance between the Parties, or if the person for whom the service was booked for does not appear at the date of the service, customers are obliged to pay the full price of the service, which is transferred to MayaToursRoma.

In the event MayaToursRoma cancels a booking for whatever reason, they shall fully refund customers, unless otherwise agreed  upon between the affiliate.

Commission Payment to MayaToursRoma

For some products it is necessary to purchase tickets and reservations days or even weeks in advance, in which case the affiliate is obligated to confirm the booking and to pay the balance amount within 30 days before departure.

In other occasions MayaToursRoma accepts “last minute” bookings and payments upon clients arrival at the office, thereby payments will be discussed individually, depending on the required products and on the situation.

The payment of the affiliate is understood to be without any statutory value added tax and has to be paid in Euros (€).

The said amount can be paid via various options:

The said amount can be paid through certain options:

  1. Bank transfer/ credit card payment
  2. PayPal
  3. Our MayaToursRoma Website
  4. Upon clients arrival at the office in cash

In case of added fees by certain banks through international payments, these fees are solely at the affiliate’s expense.

The net rates (a detailed price list will be attached to this document) given by MayaToursRoma are fixed amounts, exclusively given to the affiliate. The affiliate may modify these rates for their own customers.


The affiliate acknowledges that he is solely responsible for the accuracy of the tax rate information and the identification of applicable taxes for their own clients. They are responsible for accounting to the relevant tax authorities for any taxes applicable to any amount received. On the other hand MayaToursRoma agrees, that their suggested rates are net rates (therefore no tax will be added on the affiliate’s behalf).

Term and Termination of the contract

The contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time*. The affiliate and MayaToursRoma may terminate the contract at any time and without cause. In case of a termination, already confirmed bookings shall be executed as planned.

No subsidiary agreement has been made. All alterations and amendments to this contract shall be made in writing in legal effect.

If any commissions of this contract are or become invalid or void, the validity of the remaining parts of the contract shall remain unaffected thereby. Invalid or void commissions shall be replaced by such that are suitable to achieve the same purpose in consideration with the interests of both parties.

The claims of the affiliate resulting from this Contract may not be assigned or transferred to third parties without the prior written approval of MayaToursRoma.

In case of not adhering to the mentioned terms and conditions of this contract, MayaToursRoma can terminate the relationship with the affiliate effective immediately.

This Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the provisions of Italian Law under exclusion of its conflict of law rules.