10 Things You Must Do Before Leaving Rome, Italy

10 Things You Must Do Before Leaving Rome, Italy

Rome is a city full of history, culture, and amazing food. With so many options for sights to see, restaurants to dine at, and neighborhoods to visit, it can be hard to decide what to do in Rome. That is why we have narrowed down the list to the 10 things you must do before leaving Rome.

10 Things You Must Do in Rome, Italy

1. Tour the Colosseum – As a wonder of the world, and one of the most well-preserved symbols of the ancient Roman Empire, the Colosseum is a must see. We recommend partaking in a tour. That way you are privy to the fascinating history of this once gruesome, gladiator arena.

Colosseum Tour in Rome


2. Eat Gelato & People Watch at the Trevi Fountain – This iconic fountain is surely not to be missed on any trip to Rome. Grab a tasty gelato nearby, and enjoy the flowing water from this sculptural masterpiece.

3. Stroll through the Roman Forum & Palatine Hill – As the largest archeological site in Europe, the Roman Forum was once the center of ancient Roman life. Get the chance to witness ancient Roman temples, columns, and tombs. Then, walk to the top of Palatine Hill for some of the best vantage points of the Colosseum.

Roman Forum Rome, Italy

4. Visit Piazza Navona at Night – Piazza Navona lies in the center of historical Rome, as one of the most stunning Renaissance-era piazzas. There is just something about walking through the piazza at night when Bernini’s famous Quattro Fiumi fountain is lit up. There also tends to be fewer crowds during this time, which is a plus.

5. Watch the Sunset on Top of the Spanish Steps– Settle on the famed staircase, preferably towards the top for an ideal sunset viewing point. Experience the gorgeous view of the sun setting over Rome’s terracotta rooftops. It’s the such a picturesque way to begin the evening in one of Rome’s most beautiful settings.

Spanish Steps Rome


6. Eat Typical Roman Pasta – When it comes to food in Italy, the variations are very regional. For those visiting Rome, know that as far as pasta goes, there some local dishes that you just can’t leave without trying. Our Roman favorites are carbonara, cacio e pepe, and amatriciana.

7. Marvel at the Architecture of the Pantheon – Make your way to Piazza della Rotonda to witness one of the greatest architectural wonders of its’ time. Walk through to experience the impressive Oculus and grounds of the once ancient Roman temple, and now a Catholic church.

Pantheon Rome


8. Visit Campo de’ Fiori Market – The perfect spot for a self-guided, food tour is in Rome’s central Campo de’ Fiori market. Wander amongst the vendors selling fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses and more. Even better, grab a few samplings and head to the nearby Piazza Farnese to relax by the fountains and snack on your fresh finds.

9. People Watch in Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere – In the trendy neighborhood of Trastevere, is one of the city’s most beloved piazzas. Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere is the perfect place to stop and people watch at one of the bordering cafes. Also, don’t leave without wandering through The Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, one of the oldest churches in Rome.

Santa Maria in Trastevere


10. Get a Tour of the Vatican – Get the opportunity to stamp another country off your bucket list at Vatican City. Join a guided tour to understand the extent of art history and secrets within the Museum itself.

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